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We take pride in the craftsmanship that goes into making each and every one of our Wooden American Flags.

wooden flagsCoffey Brands has been around for more than 30 years. What started as a simple woodworking hobby quickly grew into building and remodeling homes and building custom furniture.

Unfortunately, about 15 years ago, our shop was vandalized. Most of our valuable and essential tools and equipment were taken and the building was stripped of its wiring. We had no choice but to shut down.

I went to work as a firefighter in the mountains of North Carolina and did not have time to give the Coffey Brands business much thought.

In 2017, my oldest son asked if we could start fixing up the shop and try to get the woodworking business back up and running. It took every dime I had (and some I didn’t) to restore the shop. But we put in the time and effort and it came together.

At that time, we had not decided what our primary product would be. One day, while I was at work at the fire station, it came to me.
Wooden American flags!

wooden american flagsWe all know that flags are beautiful and evoke deep meaning for most of us, but the actual inspiration was that when I would visit other fire houses, I would always see flags hanging outside, but there were never any displayed inside the stations.

We started crafting the American flags in just one size and once we had perfected that one, we broadened our line to several sizes. In addition to offering four different sizes, we also added the option to add colored lines to honor different groups of heroes.

After major health issues sidelined me and took me out of the day-to-day workings of the business, my son, Nickey stepped in. He has worked very hard and the business continues to grow under his supervision.

My son takes as much pride as I did in creating these beautiful wooden flags. It is our hope that this business can be a successful, long-lasting family business that we can pass down to future generations.

We thought you might enjoy knowing a little about us and how Coffey Brands came to be.

We truly appreciate every single flag purchase and hope that these handcrafted wooden flags will become family heirlooms that bring joy for years to come.

Jamie and Nickey Coffey

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